College Placement Program

To date ALBION SC has secured over $50 million dollars in scholarship offers for the players of ALBION SC. The club offers a full-time College Director for both the Male and Female Placement programs, working with the teams and players to assure that our scholar-athletes find success on their college recruiting journey. We take great pride in developing and guiding our players towards reaching the college level. Placement program, we will provide players the opportunities needed to go on and play college soccer with the goal of those players acquiring scholarships. Our priority with our student-athletes is making them understand that they need the education to fulfill their goal of playing soccer in college. All the hard work on the field must be matched in the classroom. Each scholar-athlete in the Placement program has an understanding that Grades are of the highest priority.

Our program staff and director work diligently to make sure our players are part of a very progressive and highly exposed program that gets our players into the view of college coaches around the country. As an ALBION player you are provided with an online recruiting platform through the web-based platform, College Fit Finder. To start your journey, START HERE

"ALBION SC is committed to helping every player with the desire, ability, and motivation to play college soccer.  We believe that there is a good college program for every player who is passionate about the game and excels in the classroom.  Provided that you are a hardworking, dedicated soccer player who is committed to training and playing at a high level, our goal is to help you get to college."